Agriculture roundtable discusses concerns with African Swine Fever, broadband, and visas


Friday morning the Secretary of Agriculture, Congressman David Trone (D-MD) and farmers gathered for a roundtable discussion at Steve Ernst Farm. 

The discussion was built around challenges the farming industry is currently facing in Washington County.

One issue was broadband. Only 64% of farms in the county get broadband, but as technology grows, farms need it, for example, proper amount of pesticides are measured with technology.

Those in the industry also brought up their concern of a disease carried by hogs coming out of Eastern Eurpope and China, called African Swine Fever, with the fear that this disease could potentially come to the united states.

Congressman David Trone said he was unaware of some of these issues prior to this event. 

“Solutions are always with the people who are on the ground who understand the industry. If we don’t talk to the farmers, you won’t get a solution for the dairy. If you don’t talk to the farmers, you are never going to get a solution for who is going to pick the apples,” said Trone. 

Due to recent government concerns with immigration, visas were also discussed at the roundtable and how immigration is affecting the agriculture industry. 

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