Adulting 101 Seminar at Allegany College of Maryland


An “Adulting” 101 seminar was held at the Allegany College of Maryland Wednesday, teaching young people about the ins and outs of adulthood.

According to therapist Crystal Rice, adulting seminars are becoming more and more popular. She added that many times, young people lack the common life skills needed to become successful adults.

Over 125 students gathered today to learn some of these skills including financial tips like taking out a loan.

Kaela Dorsey at Allegany College of Maryland says, “I don’t know how to balance a checkbook at all. I need to do better learning how to save a little better.”

Dorsey currently lives at home, and therapist Crystal Rice says this is a common theme for young people. “It also contributes to their lack of needing to adult.”

The director of pathways to success at the college is already planning for more adulting seminars in the future. 

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