AAA warning drivers to be alert of deer


It’s mating season for deer and AAA is encouraging drivers to keep their heads on a swivel while they are out on the roads.

During November, not only are deer breeding, but they are searching for food, leading them out of the woods, and on to the roadways.

Chris Crawford of Al’s Body Shop in Martinsburg says once they are on the roads, drivers have limited options. 

“If you can slow down absolutely try, and slow down, if you are in an area that you’ve known and seen deer previously, slow down,” said Crawford. 

If you can’t slow down, just continue going at your current speed, Crawford says taking them head on is better than trying to dodge a deer. 

“There’s other things on the side of the road that are more dangerous than that deer is, telephone poles, mailboxes, other cars, you don’t want to swerve to miss a deer,” said Crawford. 

Crawford says each November his shop has a lot full of cars banged because of deer, however this year in particular he’s seeing more and more cars come in because of deer damage. 

“Usually on a daily basis, we are getting about 3 to 5 deer claims per day,” said Crawford. 

Crawford says that each car on his lot that has deer damage proves how unpredictable they are, and that drivers really need to be alert.

“Watch the outer perimeter of the roads. The headlights will normally make a shine off their eyes, so look for things that catch your eye like that,” said Crawford. 

AAA says if you see one deer, know that there are usually more in the area, so be careful out there. 

In the last study done by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources in 2016, it was reported that around 10,000 deer were killed by cars in the state of Maryland. 

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