A Boonsboro shop helps men with holiday shopping


During the holidays, shopping for that special someone can be quite tricky and some men need the extra assistance to help them during their shopping experience.

For three years, the Gifts Inn in Boonsboro has been putting on the “Guys Night Out” event. Shop manager Natoma Vargason says it’s a way to give them a stress-free shopping experience

“People don’t know what they want, they expect that it’s going to jump out and grab them, so we try to engage the customer in conversation,” Vargason said.

The Gifts Inn started by doing a “Girls Night Out” event which is usually very loud and energetic, but the “Guys Night Out” is more of a laid back environment.

“Take your time in enjoying the comradery, there are men here sharing your experience,” Vargason said.

The shop even tries to make it easier for couples who shop at their store.

“If your wife or girlfriend has come in and there is something specific they want, they share that with us, and then when you come in we’ll share that with you,” Vargason said.

The event also offers free gift wrapping and if you pay close enough attention, a free lesson in learning how to wrap for yourself.

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