2019 Cyber security competition


Students from around the state put their cybersecurity knowledge to the test at the 2019 Maryland Community College Cyber Competition.

Teams of three set up their laptops inside the National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence, in Rockville.

Professors explain what they created for this competition.”I wrote all the challenge questions, there are 100 challenge questions in a variety of categories such as forensics, pen testing, malware analysis,” Jesse Varsalone said, an associate professor for University of Maryland University College.

Students had to answer and solve different attacks as fast as possible in only three hours. They were only given one thumb drive, so teamwork was of the utmost importance.

“So they have to figure out, ok we have three people, one thumb drive, how do we effectively copy this to each and whos going to do the forensics so they have to work together they don’t want to duplicate their efforts,” Varsalone said. 

Professors that created the simulation of attacks explain what the students will have to conquer through to win.

“They’ll have a disc of a system and they’ll have to find the IP address or the product code, they might have to find a piece of malware on that system so there could be 4 thousand files on a disc so they have to sort through it,” Varsalone said.

Not only is this a chance for students to showcase their talents but its also an opportunity for employers in the area to scout the incoming talent and give career opportunities

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