1800 wine cellar being restored at Hagerstown City Park


HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM)– Members of the Hagerstown City Park along with Gruber-Latimer Restoration are finding a way to preserve history in the park. About 65 acres of land and history are what make up Hagerstown City Park.

Recently a new project is being done to help preserve an old wine cellar that once was a part of the mansion house back in the 1800s. Brien Poffenberger is an owner of Gruber-Latimer Restoration which helps restore historical places. He explained why it was so important for him and his team to restore this historic cellar.

“It’s a little hidden piece of history in Hagerstown and Washington County history,” Poffenberger said. ” And so anything that we can do to bring it back to life and bring it to people’s attention and save it is important.”

According to Poffenberger, whoever lived in the mansion sold wine commercially and store the wine in the cellar. The cellar itself is about 50 feet in length. This plan to restore it has been in the works for about six months.

And Wednesday, November 3, 2021, was the first day of them restoring the cellar.

Workers will take apart the front part of the cellar piece by piece. Each rock is labeled and will go back into its original place once they fix the foundation.

“Literally stone by stone we’ve mapped out where each individual stone goes, like a jigsaw puzzle we are taking it apart putting the stones on pallets and then when we get to the ground level we are going to lift everything up and build it back using the very same stones and the very same and positions as they did originally,” Poffenberger said.

The wine cellar is located next to the Mansion Art House in the park and behind the band, center tucked away in the corner. Mark Haddock is the Park Manager of Hagerstown City Park. He said he is excited this project is finally in motion.

“I think it is going to be a nice addition to the park. And this is just going to be another part for you to come and see, we have the mansion house and there is an art gallery in it, and it would just be another edition of what you can do on a Saturday or a Sunday while you are in the park. It will just be interesting for you to see the history,” Haddock said.

Restoring history in the city of Hagerstown. Workers said that it should take about two to three weeks for them to restore the cellar. Once it is restored, workers at the park are thinking about hosting a grand opening for the public in the spring.

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