Maryland Highway Administration removes signs for “Negro Mountain”


There were four signs, two which were located along interstate 68 and the other two on route 40, that were taken down.

CUMBERLAND, Md. (WDVM)– Maryland’s Highway Administration has removed several road signs for “Negro Mountain” over concerns about racial insensitivity in the name.

There were four signs, two which were located along interstate 68 and the other two on route 40, which were taken down.

The mountain’s ridge runs 30 miles through the Allegheny range and peaks in Pennsylvania.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration provided a statement saying, “We continue to work with the association for the study of African American life and history and the local community to better understand the interests of all stakeholders.”

Lynn Bowman, with the Maryland Commission for African American History and Culture, said her role had nothing to do with the removal of the signs but said the county was struggling financially and said the signs were potentially impacting tourism in the area.

“My issues are students, parents of students, driving on 68, seeing that sign and saying, “I’m not sure I want to stop there, because that is a reality'” said Bowman.

Students at Frostburg State University agreed with the removal of the signs.

“It is really derogatory towards people of color since our school is a large community of diversity and people of color,” said Terra Shepperd, a senior at Frostburg State University.

“It’s like 2019, so it is crazy people still have that mindset,” junior Melvin Kiah said.

Both students said they have no problems with racism at their college.

“I don’t have any problems here on campus,” Shepperd added.

“We have a diverse campus so it’s a good thing they took it down,” Kiah said.

WDVM reached out to multiple people who were in favor of keeping the signs, but they all refused to make a statement regarding the topic.

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