Man found guilty of knowingly killing teen with car

UPDATE, 5/26/16: A jury found a Virginia man guilty on Thursday of knowingly killing a teen during a hit-and-run on Dec. 19, 2014.
Prosecutors recommended that James McGoff serves six years in prison for fleeing the scene after hitting and killing 15-year-old Tristan Long on Rest Church road.
McGoff claimed he thought he hit a deer, so he didn’t stop.
The prosecution argued that McGoff had to have seen the boy’s body roll over his car because there was damage to the driver’s side windshield. 
The defense said it was dark, so no one could see Long’s body, not even the witness. 
He will be formally sentenced in July. 
*Original Post, 5/25/16*
The second day of court proceedings for a Virginia man who was charged in a fatal hit-and-run back in 2014 were underway on Wednesday. 

The jury on James McGoff’s case consists of eight men and five women. 

McGoff is accused of hitting and killing 15-year-old Tristan Long with his car while driving down a Winchester roadway nearly two years ago.
McGoff was charged with failure to stop at the scene of an accident, but the prosecution is trying to prove that McGoff knew he hit a person on Dec. 19, 2014.

McGoff claims that he thought he hit a deer, so he didn’t stop.

The prosecution argued that the damage done to McGoff’s car, and what was described as “a debris field of Long’s belongings,” at the scene made it clear that a person had been hit. 

The commonwealth’s attorney also argued that the fact that McGoff had already replaced a side view mirror and headlight about 11 hours after the accident – both had been damaged from the collision – could point to guilt.

The defense has already argued to have some of the prosecution’s evidence thrown out regarding McGoff’s previous felony DUI and hit-and-run conviction from 10 years ago.
The defense also said it was dark, and the only witness to the accident thought that Long was struck by the bumper of a car, so it’s possible McGoff didn’t realize he hit a person. 
The attorney also argued that McGoff is not charged with manslaughter because he thought he had hit a deer. Under state law, you do not need to stop at the scene of the accident after hitting a deer, or what you believe to be a deer.

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