Local organization helps spread awareness to help save lives

“Basically, if you witness someone overdosing on any type of drug, you will be protected by this law. If you call 911, you are considered a Good Samaritan, and you will not be prosecuted. However, there are some effects of the law if you already have charges on you. If you have a warrant out for your arrest, you do have to know that the law will not cover you then,” said Family Peer Support Substance Use Specialist Carin Miller.
It’s called the Good Samaritan Law.
Maryland State officials saw a need for people to be aware of it, and that’s why the Maryland Coalition of Families recently got a state-funded grant.
“There are seven peer support group specialists in the state, and each of us do one to two presentations a week. We go to law enforcement, fire houses [and] places of worship, [and] we do community presentations,” said Miller.
Located in Frederick, the Crossroads Center is known for helping people on their road to recovery. It’s also one of the places where MCF’s Peer Support Substance Use Specialist Carin Miller goes to spread the word.
“It helps our clientele. It helps us. It gets the word out that you can call and have somebody help no matter what situation they’re in and not fear retaliation or a problem with the legal system,” said Crossroads Center Business Manager Chris Luecking.
Frederick County resident Harry Keller has been clean for three years and said the Crossroads Center has helped him along his road to recovery.
He added that he thinks the Good Samaritan Law will help save lives.
“It should save people because people get scared, and they run away, especially ones that are using with the other person. They’re scared they’re going to get in trouble, so they take off and leave them for dead. That’s no good when they could be saved,’ said Keller.
“I suggest everybody Google search the Maryland Good Samaritan Law so that they know exactly what each bullet point entails,” added Miller.
For more information about the Good Samaritan Law, visit MDDestinationRecovery.org or MDCoalition.org/SaveALife.

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