CHARLESTON, WV (WOWK) — If you plan to vote in the West Virginia primary, you may want to check your mail. Important voter information is starting to arrive in mailboxes all across the Mountain State. That’s because elections officials are trying to prevent lots of potential voter confusion this year.

Earlier this week the Kanawha County Clerk’s office mailed out more than 170-thousand letters to all registered voters in the state’s most populous county. Now that mail is arriving. The letters detail which House and Senate districts the voter lives in, as well as their polling place. Much of that information changed because the state lost population, and a Congressional seat, in the 2020 census. The legislature also voted to create 100 single-member House of Delegate districts, so representation is changing for the vast majority of voters.

“We’ve had the redistricting. And it’s been a challenge for the legislators, as well as us and the Secretary of State. We’ve all worked very hard trying to get all of the redistricting done.” said Vera McCormick, the Kanawha County Clerk.

On the back of the letter, there is a list of all nine early voting locations in Kanawha County this year.
They include the new voting precinct at the Girl Scouts of the Black Diamond Council office on Charleston’s West Side, which was the subject of a legal battle.

Now a spokesman for the Secretary of State’s Office tells me that virtually every county is sending out similar letters to voters. Just remember early voting begins one week from today, April 27th, through May 7th.