CHARLESTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — West Virginia’s primary election is just three weeks from Tuesday, and there are some big concerns about potential voter confusion. That’s because there are some big changes this year. Elections always have the possibility of confusion with so many items on the ballot.

The biggest change this year is that the state is moving to a system of 100 single members districts in the House of Delegates. Every voter will have just one delegate, whereas in the past some districts had four or five delegates.

Because of this, district numbers and voting precincts will change for many. In Kanawha County, the state’s most populous county, the clerk’s office is sending out more than 170,000 letters to voters, listing their House and Senate districts along with their polling location.

“Every voter on the state got new delegate district numbers. So every voter needs to know who their delegate is, and what district they are in so they can research and see who they want to vote for before election day,” said Vera McCormick, (R) Kanawha County Clerk.

Some voting precincts are changing, too, because previous polling locations were not handicapped accessible, so it’s important to double-check where you are supposed to vote.

The West Virginia Secretary of State’s office has interactive maps on a special website, All you have to do is type in your home address, and it will quickly tell you which districts you are in, as well as your voting location.

Most counties in West Virginia will be sending voters a letter detailing any changes. The primary election is on May 10th but early voting begins Wednesday, April 27th.