WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — As the bipartisan infrastructure bill makes its way to the President’s desk, states and cities across the country are looking forward to getting the cash coming their way.

West Virginia lawmakers celebrated the bill’s passage Monday morning, laying out just how much the Mountain State stands to benefit from the funding:

  • $4 billion will go toward repairing roads and bridges
  • $500 million for water and sewer infrastructure
  • $600 million will help expand broadband
  • $700 million will help rebuild abandoned minelands

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin says now it’s time to get those funds where they’re needed most, “Pick your worst, most heavily traveled, most dangerous highways. Pick your bridges that are the most dangerous that need repairs. There should be a systematic way we approach this, not just throwing money at it thinking that’s gonna cure it, because this will run out too.”

Sen. Manchin says there’s another key piece of the bill: the thousands of jobs created by these upcoming infrastructure projects in West Vriginia.