JEFFERSON COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — A few months ago, we told you about an eastern panhandle high school student hoping to land a scholarship in Washington, D.C. to see the government in action. Well, Anna Walter is on her way to Capitol Hill.

She has always had an interest in public health. Anna plans to study nursing in college. She will join more than a hundred high school students from across the country in the U.S. Senate Youth Program next year.

“Health care is my passion,” Walter says. “So I really hope I can learn more about bills going on within education, within health care.”

Karen Scott is an advisor to student organizations at Washington High and remembers Anna’s compassion for a visitor from the local community who explained the plight of the homeless.

“She talked to us how it was to grow up homeless when she was in middle school and that gave Anna the passion to start a “cares” club at the middle school,” Scott said.

Anna doesn’t take for granted in the least what awaits her in the nation’s capital.

“I definitely think experiences from a young age kind of form how we feel and to go back later in life and revisit that is just such an amazing opportunity,” Anna said.

Carla Hunter is Anna’s counselor and has never doubted Anna’s perseverance.

“She’s going to reach her goals,” Hunter said. “She has a plan. She knows what she wants and she has put the steps in place to achieve those.”

While Anna is off to a great experience on Capitol Hill, she’ll never forget those who helped her get there.

“I am so grateful for my community,” Anna said. “If I wouldn’t have gotten this, my community would still have supported me so much. And, to me, that’s honestly worth more than anything.”

“This learning opportunity is the perfect way for Anna to merge her interest in public health and public policy,” Hunter said.

Anna Washington’s semester will begin this March. She will be joined in the nation’s capital by only one other West Virginia student, Brandon Frazier of Wayne County.