BERKELEY COUNTY, W.Va. (WDVM) — In West Virginia’s eastern panhandle, the salute to veterans for this week’s tribute to those who served is well underway.

Small businesses like the popular Laddie’s Sports Bar in Martinsburg have opened their doors to service vets and are inviting their patrons to stop in and make a donation to a community project that helps our military heroes.

In the Berkeley County community of Spring Mills, a veterans tribute includes a monument to POWs and those missing in action, all while educating youth about the important role our soldiers play in protecting our freedom.

Ronald Wenger, a Purple Heart recipient, said that recognition from small businesses like Laddie’s “means a lot. It means somebody out there gives a darn for what we did and, you know, that is appreciated.”

“All of our children should learn about these brave men and women who never got to come back home but sacrificed their life for our freedom,” said Chuck Timbrook, a veterans advocate.

Timbrook’s group in Spring Mills is networking with veterans support groups in a dozen states.