WEST VIRGINIA (WDVM) — Officials gave an update on the barges that got stuck in the Potomac River after heavy rains over the weekend dislodged them. They said that the smaller barge was pulled away on Thursday.

The statement said that the flows had finally lessened enough that the smaller barge, which was stuck at Potomac Dam No. 4, could be pulled away. It was moved to the Maryland side of the river, where teams could get the generator that was on the barge.

That barge has been secured to the shore on a private resident’s property, where it will stay until it can be disassembled.

The larger barge is still stuck on the remnants of Potomac Dam No. 3. Responders believe that this will be a “multi-week effort” and ask that anyone keep their distance and be careful. They asked that nobody try to board the barges from the water and not cross high-water areas.