HARPERS FERRY, W.Va. (WDVM) — The Harpers Ferry National Historical Park in West Virginia hosted twelve children and their families for a day of fishing on the banks of the iconic Shenandoah River.

“We’re here bringing 12 families out to Harper’s Ferry to not only invite them to the park but also to teach them how to fish and provide them with the equipment on how to fish so they can take that skill with them to invite their friends and family and hopefully come back to the park and fish again,” National Park Trust Director of Strategic Partnerships & Communications Ivan Levin said.

A lot of the families don’t have the privilege of living on a military base, which is why organizations like Our Military Kids prioritize hosting events where families can connect with each other.

“They might not necessarily live on military bases, or be connected to the military community and so getting them out here getting them to meet other military families,” Our Military Kids Marketing and Communications Manager Michelle Criqui said.

Some of the families say they’re happy to get outdoors after being stuck inside for two years and truly cherish their time with military families who are just like them.

“When you have a friend that is a military kid and if you can find a friend that’s the same age as you, you guys can like — it’s (an) instant bond,” Azara Emani said.

“I am just so thankful that they will bring us out here it really makes an imprint on our minds in our hearts and our lives,” Sinaiyah Emami said.

The families that participated were also able to receive their interagency military pass to national parks and public lands.

Even though this is the first time the OurMilitary Kids organization has held an event like this, they do look forward to having more events.