HUNTINGTON, W.Va. (WOWK) — The cleanup process is underway for residents in Huntington who suffered from Friday’s flash flooding.

Residents in the Enslow Park area said it’s just heartbreaking to see all of their furniture and personal belongings being tossed to the curb.

Residents said they are still rattled from flooding and said beginning the cleanup process has been no easy feat.

Many experienced around two to four feet of water in their homes, while others had their basements filled completely to their ceilings.

As residents look through their damaged homes, they said they are in for a lot of work that will cost a lot of money to fix. Many neighbors are concerned and said they are living in fear for the possibility of another flooding in the area.

“I have to spend all this money to get it redone and then a month later is it going to happen again?” said Huntington resident, Patricia Gale Dienes. “That is a big fear.”

Many local residents also said they want to see preventative measures taken by the city.

“There is a way that this can be controlled,” said Huntington Resident, Patti Shaver. “We live every day watching to see if anything is going to happen when it says it’s going to rain, but honestly I never ever thought of this happening.”

Cleanup crews said the local creek water filling Huntington homes is considered category three water, which carries disease and bacteria. They said that means anything it touches should be thrown out.

The American Red Cross has also been making its way through the area providing cleaning supplies and food for those in need.