MARTINSBURG, W.Va. (WDVM) — If you live and work in Martinsburg, West Virginia you may soon be able to take a bus out to northern Virginia. A new project from the eastern panhandle transit authority (EPTA) is working on a huge project that will do just that.

In an effort to fulfill a work-commuter need –EPTA will soon launch and expand its bus service from Martinsburg, West Virginia to Ashburn, Virginia.

“With the rising gas prices, really commuter bus service is in great demand and will continue to rise so it’ll be a good solution to those costs, increased costs that we’re all having,” said Elaine Bartoldson, the executive director of the EPTA, Eastern Panhandle Transit Authority.

The cost for a one-way seat is estimated at $7.00, but EPTA says you will be saving money by using public transit.

Loudon County’s commuter bus plans to expand as well, but EPTA says, it’s no competition, but rather a partnership.

“They have dedicated a bus bay for them to bring in their commuter bus at the southern pavilion of the Ashburn metro rail station when it opens. In addition to that Loudoun County Transit has eight routes that they have redone in order to work with the new Ashburn station, so there are other transfers that EPTA can make working with Loudoun there,” said Matt Mullenax, the executive director, of the Hagerstown/Eastern, Panhandle MPO.

The project hopes to increase the number of options for getting workers that live in West Virginia into Loudon County.

The new bus service will generate from the Caperton Train Station until the new transit center in downtown Martinsburg is up and running. They hope to have designated parking for commuters at the Potomac Marketplace where riders will then continue to the new Ashburn station.

The expected time for this project to be complete is around Dec. 2023. That day could be subject to change.