WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Tuesday, April 19, was the first full day that mask mandates for public transportation were lifted. At Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, travelers had mixed emotions about the change.

Pat Christof was dropping his daughter, Kaitlyn, off at DCA for a flight when he found out about the change in the mandate. He said, “I think it’s fantastic. Best news ever.” His daughter was excited to hear the news too, though she said she would hold onto the mask for her flight. “I’m probably still going to wear my mask on the airplane,” she said. “I just don’t want to get sick or anything. Just to be safe.”

Other travelers, such as Kate Bush, decided against wearing the mask altogether. Bush said, “I am very excited to ditch the mask. I am vaccinated, so I do not feel like I should have to wear it anymore.”

Courtney McFarlane, who is also vaccinated, told WDVM she is still going to wear her mask. “I’m not ready. I’m still being careful,” she said. “We will keep our masks on. We won’t eat or drink during the flight. I just feel that cases are very high right now. We are not anywhere near out of the woods.”

While the masks are not required anymore on most public transportation, the C.D.C. is encouraging people to wear masks if they have high-risk factors or a high transmission rate in their community.

Current District metrics have the city in a medium level of transmission, which higher weekly case rates than the city saw during the Omicron sure at the beginning of 2022. However, the metrics for hospitalizations are significantly lower than in January and February.

Travelers said seeing the mandate lifted gave them hope for the future. Bush said, “It’s exciting to see things get back to normal.”

As the change to the mandate is new, travelers are keeping their masks close by. Robert Bell, who traveled throughout the pandemic for work, said, “I’m willing to put it back on if I need to, but at least for now, in the airport, I feel ok. Maybe on the plan, I’ll feel differently.”

Some airports and destinations still require a mask, so it is best to keep one with you just in case.