WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Everybody was excited Tuesday with the news that Pharrell Williams would be giving his music festival a new and very historic backdrop. The National Mall has been home to many events from speeches to concerts, and now it’ll be the place where thousands will flock this summer to hear some of the biggest names in the music industry.

In the next month and a half, thousands of people will be standing at the National Mall listening to some of their favorite artists perform. 

“I think that it’s amazing. They got everybody coming especially rappers and things like that. It’s like whether you’re with Pharell, and he’s like a spoken word type of feel. You got Moneybag Yo, you know it’s going to go up for moneybag, Mariah the scientist,” said tourist Quint Powe.

People in the DMV are looking forward to it.  

“I was like oh lord, look what we got going on. I was excited because I missed the one in 2019 so I have to make up for this one,” said Maryland resident, Denzel Little.

The festival was last held 3 years ago in Virginia beach. Pharell says after some challenges he decided to move the location to Washington D.C.

“We thought about lifting this opportunity and elevating our mission and our intentions and the greatest way to do that is to find the highest ground in our nation and that’s our nation’s capital,” he said.

The decision to move the event from the 757 area left some residents disappointed.

“I was shocked when I found out it was in DC because that defeats the purpose of SITW. There are about 5 other beaches in the Hampton Roads area that could’ve been considered before going to D.C.,” said Hampton Roads resident Chelsea Lumpkins. “After the Virginia Beach area denied SITW it seems the team gave up on the entire Hampton Roads area together and moved it to the metropolitan area, which is completely different from the Hampton Roads area.

Lumpkins says she would still attend the event but the experience will not be the same.

The 3-day festival is set for Juneteenth weekend. Some people think it will bring unity to all different communities.

 “I really feel like it’s going to bring the city out, it’s going to bring the city together because it’s a diverse group of artists that’s coming,” said Powe.

Safety may be a concern for some, on Tuesday D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser said the city has a team specifically for special events just like this. 

“We’re going to put all the necessary city resources towards that,” she said.

As people finalize their plans and ticket purchases many of them are imagining what the experience will be like.

“I feel like they’re going to live past the expectation honestly, nothing but good times, good vibes,” said Little.

Mayor Bowser says she’s especially excited for the locally-owned stores and restaurants that’ll get a much-needed boost of tourists that weekend.