HAGERSTOWN, Md. (WDVM) — The People’s Convoy is expected to make its way around the beltway again tonight after yesterday’s practice run out and back from Hagerstown.

After The People’s Convoy’s beltway run on Wednesday, truckers and convoy supporters went to the Hagerstown Speedway to wait for their next ride to D.C.

“I’m not sure what the final plan is. I’m a follower. It’s not really the leader. The truckers, Trucker G and Santa and others are directing us what to do,” said Anthony Biltoft, a convoy supporter. Wednesday was his first time on the beltway with the convoy.

In a video on social media, leaders say details of their plans for D.C. have only been communicated to group leaders. They also told everyone joining them to be prepared by 4 p.m. on Thursday and ready to roll at any moment’s notice.

Biltoft joined the convoy in California during their second journey to the nation’s capital. He’s been helping everyone prepare for their next ride to D.C.

“I get up I gas. I work the gas pumps, I pump 30 40 50 cars with gas,” he said.

He says he’s not sure what they plan to do but he’s ready.

“I believe we’re just going to caravan and do what we did kind of yesterday, maybe get into the town a little bit. You know, we’ll see how that goes,” said Biltoft.

Leaders also asked people in the convoy not to live stream anything this time around until they arrive in D.C. In a video convoy leaders also said last night they were very grateful to the Hagerstown Speedway for allowing them to be there again.