WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — On day 3 of Pharrell Williams’s Something In The Water Festival, it was expected that the event would bring thousands of people throughout the weekend — but that also led to overcrowding.

Saturday’s line was filled with hundreds of people eagerly trying to get into the festival at every entrance. Overcrowding inside the event led to some people passing out and others just trying to get away from the crowd. On Sunday, festival attendees say event staff handled it well.

A video circling social media shows people jumping over the barricade to escape the large crowds at the Something In The Water Festival.

“I was just standing in like a sea of people for about 30 plus minutes before Pharrell’s set,” said guest Ike Marchie.

“It was a lot of people, not enough leg room, arm space,” said photographer Kris Anderson.

“We kind of expected it to be a lot of people but not at that amount. Yeah it was a lot of pushing and stuff like that,” said guests Jasmine and Dwayne.

With some festival guests passing out Pharell Williams decided to pause the concert. Anderson says he saw it first hand.

“When they passed out Pharell said cut the music. He was like I wanted to know what’s going on. We need to make sure this person is okay. They picked him off the ground, they put him on the barricade, EMT checked him out. And after Pharell got the thumbs up he continued the concert,” said Anderson.

He says health officials and security did a great job.

“I will say the event staff did make it their number one priority that people were taken care of just in case people passed out, when you lock your knees too long you pass out. But they did make sure we were safe,” said Anderson.

Despite the large crowds that didn’t stop people from enjoying the festival.

“I’ve enjoyed it so far honestly. It’s always nice when you have a fair amount of artists that you rock with that you can go see in person,” said Marchie.

“It’s a lot of culture, a lot of vendors insides, a lot of food, drinks. Overall it’s a great things,” said Anderson.

Many D.C. residents were just excited to see something new happening in the nation’s capital.

“We usually don’t get music festivals around here so when it was finally in D.C., we were like we have to go,” said couple Jasmine and Dwayne.

DC News Now did reach out police to learn their perspective but we did get a response back just yet.