WASHINGTON (WDVM) — On the very morning that a highway bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh, coinciding with a visit to that city from President Biden on federal infrastructure improvements, Maryland Governor Larry Hogan was leading a forum on the issue at the annual National Governors’ Association meeting in Washington.

Governor Hogan told the governors that he has brought together top public policy experts to work with them on effective solutions to the nation’s crumbling roads, bridges, railways and airports.

“My goal with our infrastructure initiative is to harness that strength and to come up with all the best ideas and solutions,” said Hogan.

The Maryland governor said that it seems more action on fixing infrastructure is coming from the states than Washington and that a partnership between Washington and the state capitals is needed.

“In states throughout the nation, my fellow governors are upgrading roads and bridges and mass transit systems,” said Hogan.

Hogan said on the morning of the Pittsburgh bridge collapse that Washington and the states must regard infrastructure as an urgent crisis in need of effective solutions.

“We’ll come up with the best ideas and innovative solutions in order to help the nation’s governors solve the infrastructure crisis,” said Hogan.

The challenge now is getting Washington and the states on the same page. The governors’ conference will continue in the Nation’s Capital through the weekend and will be devoted to other timely issues such as education and containing the spread of the omicron variant.