WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The D.C. mayoral election is in less than 24 hours, but over the last week, there have been three fatal shootings in the District, with two involving teens. But what are candidates going to do to address the rise in crime?

“We are suffering, losing our youth from stray bullets. We need a mayor that’s bold enough to have a plan to get guns removed and lock the criminals up.”

Dana Tinnen, D.C. Native

Three people are dead in less than a week, all because of gun violence. But before voters head to the ballot boxes, they want to know what mayoral candidates are planning to address the rising violence.

“We’ve seen a crime literally at a 20-year high. If we elect Mayor Bowser again, we’ll be at a 30-year high.”

James Butler, D.C. mayoral candidate

Mayoral candidate James Butler says increasing D.C. The police force and partnering with federal law enforcement agencies to crack down on ghost guns is part of his solution to the rise in violence. He plans to address the increase in violence, specifically in kids and teens, by starting at home.

“I have a solid plan to approach through restorative issues, the root of our problems. By bringing 24-hour rec centers, I’d rather have stood kids shooting basketballs than boys,” Butler says. “We can often say safe passage center, providing mental, a behavioral health center in our rec centers.”

While candidate Robert White agreed with Butler, he says it will take more than 24-hour recreation centers to fix the problem.

“We have to go deeper than that. It’s housing instability, it’s poverty, it’s schools that are not strong enough for our young people,” White said. “Until we really step up outcomes for students of color, particularly in wards 5, 7, and 8, we’re going to continue to struggle with violence and other crimes of poverty.”

Republican candidate Stacia Hall agrees with white saying the focus needs to be on schools.

“When we talk about education in schools, we’ve gotta go into these schools and address the issues – the anger issues that our youth are displaying these days,” Hall explained. “Through police mentoring, by helping these children by not enforcing any kind of authority over them because they’re police but mentoring them.”

Mayor Muriel Bowser announced her latest plans to crack down on crime which aim to remove illegal guns from the community, arrest armed criminals, and put focused enforcement in the District.

Current Ward 8 councilmember Trayon White did not have a detailed plan to address crime but listed policies like the safe way home grant and the criminal record expungement amendment act as solutions to crime in the District.

We reached out to both of those candidates but didn’t hear back.

Voting in the District begins at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. For a voting location closest to you, please visit the official D.C. Board of Elections website.