WASHINGTON (WDVM) — A new art exhibit called Invisible Words is on display on the fifth floor of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library. The exhibit showcases a curated selection of signs made by people experiencing homelessness around the world.

Ignation Volunteer Corps (I.V.C.) brought the exhibit to the nation’s capital. The curator, Wendy Abrams, started collecting the signs and hanging them up in her home. She decided to turn the collection into an art exhibit after seeing how dinner guests reacted to the art. She said, “This is an opportunity to take something that is otherwise invisible and present it in a way that people could really study the words, which I think are really important and emotional and worth reading.”

The purpose of the exhibit is to raise awareness, empathy and compassion for people who are homeless and/or living in poverty. Abrams said, “This is a really good exercise in empathy and to see people as human beings and have more appreciation for other people.”

There are about 50 signs displayed in the exhibit and it will be in the library through June 2022.