WASHINGTON (WDVM) — “A historic moment,” those are the words people at a D.C. block party used to describe how they feel about the confirmation of Judge Katanji Brown Jackson.

The corner of 14th Street and S Street in Northwest, D.C. was filled on Saturday with nearly 200 people dancing, holding signs that say “Black women are supreme,” kids playing double-dutch, and others listening to speeches from community leaders. It was all for one reason, to honor Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson as she becomes the first black woman to hold a seat on the Supreme Court.

“Oh my god it’s historical,” said Vickie Jones as her two friends agreed. “It feels like we’re making some headway we’re moving forward it’s just a blessing,” said Annette Davis. “It’s been long overdue we’re so extremely proud,” said Tracy Willis.

“I thought it was transformational. It made all black women proud, I think it made all women proud and it just elevates our country in a really trying time,” said April Jones.

John Watts was also at the celebration, he was excited about this moment in history.

“I’m proud as a black man in this time throughout all this commotion that we can witness history,” he said.

The block party was not just about celebration but it was a moment of recognition for Judge Jackson. Organizers announced a mural of Jackson will be drawn at that very corner.

“It’s a representation of what dc women have fought for, as well as African-American women and all women of color. The mural is a symbol of my heart,” said Betty Seippio.

For residents like Karyn Vigblow who lives in the neighborhood, the idea of a mural is exciting.

“I’m looking forward to just being able to drive or walk past and just to be like hey girl,” said Vigblow.

Watts says this historic moment sets an example for the next generation.

“It means so much because this is a bridge and this welcomes that new generation to a new chapter that this country has achieved. And it inspires them as well that they can do things that are possible just like Ketanji did,” said Watts.

The mural is expected to be complete by the end of this week.