WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Just a short drive from the Senate where Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed, students at one of our nation’s most prominent historically black universities are looking at this moment as one of those “break-through-the-glass-ceiling”-type days.

Many law students at Howard University say they see the confirmation of Judge Jackson as inspiration that they too can shoot for the stars and that they shouldn’t give up, even when things get hard.

“A lot of us want to when we graduate give back to the community,” said Luke Yarabi, a Howard University Law student. “She spent time as a public defender and just taking on the biggest challenges, working at some of the highest positions that she can possibly work in.”

3rd-year law student Damani Ashton decided to study law at an HBCU to be in a space with people who look like him because he knows how difficult it can be when you are “the only” in a room like Judge Jackson’s case. 

“I think that she is going to have a significant impact just nationwide and for us individually as law students because that’s a glass ceiling that essentially has been broken,” Ashton said.

Law Student Kimberly Cioffi says although Judge Jackson’s nomination is breaking barriers this is just to first step.

“I think it’s really exciting and encouraging, but there’s still a lot of work to be done in diversifying the bench and the legal field in general,” said Cioffi.

At the end of the court’s session this summer, Justice Stephen Breyer will retire. Then, Ketanji Brown Jackson will be fully sworn in for duty.