WASHINGTON (WDVM) — It is definitely a scorcher in the DMV area this weekend as temperatures reach the 90s.

WDVM spoke with some people that were out enjoying the weather to find out how they are dealing with this unexpected warm-up.

“I mean it’s surprisingly hot it feels more like July or August,” Kimberly Hood said. “We’re trying to stay indoors in the air conditioning and then outdoors near water.”

Gonzalo Martinez is from Spain and says he’s used to this kind of heat and is not really surprised by the early warm-up.

” I’m not getting so surprised anymore because I know the weather changing patterns,” Martinez said. “For example, I remember two years ago, it was really hot in December when I would be expecting really cool temperatures, so I guess this is just an exception for one week or a couple of days and then we will get some lower temperatures.”

To help residents escape the heat, several counties around the DMV area have opened splash parks early throughout the weekend.

“I think it seems like the past few years,” Hood said. “It’s always been a surprise hot weekend, early in the season, a little harder to deal with when pools aren’t open and really not set up for it but we’re happy that splash pads are open.”

County officials are urging people to utilize indoor pools and community centers to cool off, as well as drink plenty of water.

“Today we are here in a water park with the kids,” Martinez said. “We’ll try to stay indoors with the ac and we were outdoors we will try to just stay on the shadows and try to avoid the sun when it’s safe between noon and 5 pm when it’s really hot.