WASHINGTON D.C (WDVM) — Dutch cyclist and doctor Gregory Maassen is about to embark on a four-month, cross-country journey over the Lincoln Highway that was once traveled by President Eisenhower in 1919.

He started his trip in his hometown of Washington, D.C on Saturday morning. He will be making 60 stops on the way to his final destination of San Francisco, California.

Maassen aims to pay tribute to his Dutch heritage, and also create awareness of peripheral neuropathy, a painful neurologic condition that affects over 30 million people.

“Make a difference to millions to millions of Americans who are suffering from this debilitating condition visit e-bike two. To be part of the journey one cent per mile tax deductible,” Gregory Maassen said. “See you on the trail.”

Massen is expected to reach the west coast by August 1st.