Sheriff Daniel McEathron has been working for the Warren County Sheriff’s Department for almost 40 years and has spent the last 16 years as sheriff.

Law enforcement runs in his family as his dad, brother and nephew have all served their respective communities. 

“37 years in law enforcement and pretty much done every different aspect of it. It’s been extremely enjoyable, it’s been a great career but it’s time to concentrate and do something else,” said Warren County Sheriff Daniel T. McEathron. 

The sheriff decided to retire early and will turn in his badge this May. Chief Deputy Michael Arnold will finish out the remainder of the term. 

“I love restoring old cars, repurposing things and doing construction. I have two kids and I’m sure they have plenty of projects. I’ll really enjoy doing those things,” said McEathron. 

McEathron says he is confident that Arnold will do an excellent job and he sees a bright future for the Warren County Sheriff’s Department. 

Arnold will finish sheriff’s McEathron’s term through December and the next sheriff will step in to serve the Warren County community.