As one of the youngest business owners in New Market, Virginia, Jon Henry has a new general store that supports the community and gives back to international causes.

“I definitely have gotten some suppliers from wholesalers where they want to know where the boss is, or delivery folks, and im like well im the boss and its kind of funny to see their reaction.” Henry says. 

Although he’s only 28-years old. He has over 25 years of experience working with and selling food. Growing up on his family’s farm in Mount Jackson, Henry has raised livestock and grown produce. He has always known where the food he eats comes from, and as a store owner says it’s important to know where the products he sells come from.

“I have a deeper relationship probably than some folks might have to the product like I’ve been to the fields I’ve met the families who grow the product, I’ve met the people who process it,” said Henry. 

John says he wants his customers to purchase with a purpose. Over half of the items in his store are made locally, and the international items are produced under fair-trade practices.

Henry sells a variety of products many of which were grown and made in and around Shenandoah county. He says he’s also proud to sell African-made baskets and North Indian-made necklaces which  give those who make them an opportunity to work living wage jobs. 

“We’ve been researching the products have been made its always interesting to see how even a small component like a screw of that product could be coming from really far away, on the different side of the globe,” said Henry.

Henry says the historic building was once a general store in the 1800’s, and he and the community are glad it’s being put to good use again.   

“They’re getting excited about developing a community resource like a store and developing the tax base but you know I think that’s important to a lot of main streets in the U.S returning back to them and getting out local community engaged,” said Henry.

Henry says he will be reaching out to even more Virginia producers to get their products into his store.