WARRENTON, Va. (WDVM) — Police officers in Warrenton, Virginia are rolling out the Guardian Score program– an anonymous digital survey that allows community members to rate police officers’ based on their listening skills, fairness, and professionalism.

As a former Alexandria police officer, co-founder of Guardian Score, Burke Brownfeld says he always saw issues in that most of the time an officer’s productivity is measured by arrests and tickets so was dedicated to changing the definition of a “good officer.”

“We believe by adding in this new whole area of performance evaluation, we can truly change the tone of the police-community relationship,” said Brownfeld.

To make sure they receive reliable feedback, the survey questions are written in a way that is directly measured procedural justice skills. and to ensure integrity in the data, every single card has a unique single-use QR code.

“What we wanted to do is be sure that as many people as possible that interact with police officers are able to receive the opportunity to fill out the survey,” said Brownfeld.

Champion for social justice Paul Henderson says it’s also important that accountability measurements are built into this system and that if an institutionalized pattern or practice is revealed, it is addressed and changed.

“I think these are great steps,” said Paul Henderson, Executive Director of the San Francisco Department of Police Accountability.” “I just want to make sure that we’re being responsible as a board to look for solutions that are going to be long lasting and institutionalized so that we don’t have to keep recreating or keep addressing the same problems that we found in the first place.”