VIENNA, Va. (WDVM) — Two local girls from Vienna made it their goal over the summer to make sure families were able to access meals. 

Georgia and Josephine Grana begun making bracelets, calling their fundraiser, “Friends for Life, Bracelets for Hope.”

“We did have a goal this summer to do something good for our community and so we looked at a bunch of charities to do something for and we narrowed it down to Real Food for Kids,” said Georgia.

Their mom, Meghan Grana, gave them a list of local charities and allowed them to choose which one they would donate to after they raised money from bracelet sales. They decided to donate to Real Food for Kids to make sure some of their classmates and community members were able to have food for dinner.

They started out with a goal to raise $500 but they said their orders kept coming in, and eventually raised $1,200.

“Well $1,200 we did the math, it could feed one family for a whole year,” Georgia stated.

The girls were highly committed to their bracelet sales this summer. Meghan says they were “rain or shine” as they worked at their booth they setup in their front driveway.

When all the hard work was over, Georgia and Josephine were all smiles presenting their donation to Real Food for Kids.

Since school has started, the girls have decided to take a break from bracelet making, however, they look forward to their next opportunity to give back to the community.