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The Shenandoah Valley Homebrewers Guild is dedicated to the advancement of homebrewing, beer education and beer appreciation. They held their Mashtober Fest at Shepherd of the Hills and all donations received went to the Adult Care Center in Winchester. 

“It’s essentially a Monday through Friday daycare for people suffering with Alzheimer’s, dementia, or other cognitive challenges that they’re going through. It’s a place where you can drop your family member off and they’re getting quality care, safe care during the day,” said Paul Krueger, Pastor of Shepherd of the Hills.

Homebrewers from all over the area came with their homemade beers in hand, ready for tasting. 

“You’ll make one beer and say ‘Eh this isn’t quite what I wanted, let me just change this’ and see how it comes out the next time. You might make it 10 different times and it’s going to come out 10 different ways and then you’ll finally find that one you like and you can try to keep repeating it,” said homebrewer, Stephen Boyajian. 

Many homebrewers say that this hobby gives them an opportunity to share something they love with their friends, family and the community. 

To date, the Adult Care Center has served over 450 community members ranging from ages 23 to 100 with diagnoses ranging from a fractured hip to Alzheimer’s.