ARLINGTON, Va. (DC News Now) — Environmental officials said people and their pets should stay out of Windy Run because of sewage that was released into the stream.

Arlington Department of Environmental Services tweeted about the situation Friday morning.

In the tweet, it said that people and animals should avoid entering the water from Windy Run Park downstream to the Potomac River for at least 48 hours. The tweet said that a damaged sanitary main caused sewage to be released into Windy Run.

The city provided a link to its website that gave general stream safety information that, in part, reminded everyone that stormwater runoff, and the pollutants that it carries, flows through the storm drain network to Arlington’s streams.

As far as specific safety advice goes, here’s what Arlington provided:

  • Don’t swim or bathe in streams. Fishing and wading in shallow areas is OK.
  • Keep stream water out of your eyes, ears, and mouth, or any open sores. Children who are too young to understand these precautions shouldn’t be allowed to play in streams.
  • Always remember to wash your hands with soap and water after coming into contact with stream water.
  • Never drink stream water.
  • Avoid any contact with stream water that’s discolored or has an unusual odor.
  • Use caution when wading to avoid falling on slippery rocks, and wear shoes to protect your feet from broken glass and other sharp objects.
  • Don’t eat uncooked fish caught in local streams.

If a stream looks polluted or discolored, you can find out how to report it here.