ASHBURN, Va. (WDVM) — Congresswoman Jennifer Wexton continued her series of town halls in Virginia this week. The series started in January, and the most recent town hall focused on immigration issues affecting those living in northern Virginia.

“In Northern Virginia immigration fairness for high-skilled immigrants is an issue,” said Wexton. “There are people who are really caught up in that issue of not being able to get a green card after working here for decades often owning property and raising their families here.”

Attendees of the town hall say their eyes were opened to issues of immigration that are present in northern Virginia. Peter Suchcicki, an area resident says he is inspired to take action to help.

“Something that stood out was an issue with visa’s and green cards for people that are here and their kids not being able to participate in certain activities,” said Suchcicki. “You hear about immigration on the news and what’s going on with the southern border, but you don’t really hear about how it’s impacting people that are right here living in your community. These are our neighbors.”

The town hall discussed how issues such as low rates of health coverage, high poverty rates, and barriers to documentation are all factors that restrict immigrants today. Congresswoman Wexton says she is determined to make a change.

“This is something that’s a real problem,” said the Virginia congresswoman. “And we need to something about it.”