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Arlington County has installed parking areas for the dockless bikes and scooters that rolled into the County this past summer. 

The designated spaces are located on S. Bell Street and 18th Street S. Since the scooters first arrived in the county in July, there has been many complaints about riders leaving the scooters on sidewalks and even in residential driveways. Many people said they hope this new addition encourages the new modes of transportation and keeps the public safe. Others said the parking spots aren’t necessary.  

“I kind of see the scooter as an equivalent to a bike so it’s not really hindering where you use it on the road or where you park it on the road or the sidewalk, said Hesham Badissy, daily scooter rider.  “They don’t take up a lot of space and they’re pretty low profile,” he said.  

The county has posted a list of frequently asked questions and answers including where to park the shared mobility device at the end of a trip. Their tips on parking include the following: 

  • Do not block travel lanes
  • Do not block driveways
  • Do not block fire hydrants
  • Do not block walkways
  • Do not block wheelchair ramps
  • Do not block pedestrian call buttons
  • Do not block bus stops
  • Do not block entrances to buildings, including near ramp or walkway railings and ADA door push buttons

Additionally, do not park on private property unless the SMD company specifically allows it at a certain location.