LOUDOUN COUNTY, Va. (WDVM) — On January 2, 2021, Loudoun County Sheriff Deputy, Camron Gentry, was responding to a routine call — a shoplifting complaint at Walmart in Sterling.

However, the call took a turn when suspect pulled a gun, shooting Gentry four times, resulting in multiple shattered bones.

“I just wanted to get to the hospital as quick as I could,” said Angelina Gentry, Camron’s mother. “I didn’t know if he was alive.”

The 26-year-old deputy grew up in the region. According to his mother, ever since he was little, he knew protecting the community was his calling.

“He’s just one of those kids, you know, its kind of in his heart to help others, and protect,” she said.

Officers wasted no time setting up a GoFundMe campaign. Tim Ortwein, Trustee at the Loudoun Dulles Fraternal Order of Police, said while worker’s compensation would cover some of the cost of gentry’s surgeries, it wouldn’t cover the hefty bills to follow.

“Any time we have a member who was injured in the line of duty especially, such as he was, we take it as our mission to ensure that additional costs that are not anticipated at the time of the injury are taken care of,” said Ortwein.

The initial goal of the campaign was to raise $25,000, but the campaign has exceeded that number exponentially — the amount raised, to date, is just over $100,000.

“We’ve gotten donations in from all across the county, because social media did what social media does,” said Ortwein.

While it’s a long road to recovery for Gentry, his mother says he already can’t wait to get back to doing what he loves.

“All he can think about is, ‘I just want to get better, and I just want to get back to work.’ I’m very proud of my son. I’m very proud of Camron,” she said.

The Gentry family extends a huge thank you to everyone who has sent well wishes and donated to the campaign.