HERNDON, Va. (WDVM) — Two weeks ago, WDVM reported on a sexual assault arrest by a massage therapist Zachary Nelson Guzman Orellana. As of Tuesday, the Herndon Police Department announced more victims have come forward, leading to another arrest on additional charges.

“The Herndon Police Department announced Mr. Guzman’s initial arrest about two weeks ago now and since then, multiple victims have come forward and these victims coming forward led us to get additional charges leading to today’s arrest which were on charges of aggravated sexual battery and object sexual penetration,” said HPD spokesperson Lisa Herndon.

The Leesburg Police Department arrested the man on the Herndon Police Department’s warrants after more victims came forward.

HPD said it is working with victim advocates from Fairfax County’s victim services division to support current victims and additional victims if more come forward.

The police department asks, if you have any information on this case or are a victim, please call HPD at 703-435-6846.