FAIRFAX, Va. (WDVM) — A cold case involving a 14-year-old girl has been solved after 35 years.

Police have arrested 59-year-old William Clark for abduction and assault of a local teen, and they say DNA technology helped solve the case.

It happened in 1987 outside a Fairfax city radio station where police say Clark posed as a radio personality to lure the victim.

“He called the victim’s mother at her place of work. He told the victim’s mother that she was listening to the radio station and that she would be eligible to win a thousand dollars and a trip to Hawaii,” said Major Ed O’Carroll, Bureau Chief, Major Crimes, Cyber and Forensics Bureau.

Police say Clark convinced the victim to meet him at the radio station and then drove her to a wooded area in Fairfax County, where police say he assaulted her.

“The victim immediately reported the incident, and forensic evidence was collected by our crime scene detectives and preserved over the decades,” said O’Carroll.

Due to advancements in DNA technology, investigators say they could pinpoint Clark as the suspect.

He was identified as a person of interest on January 3, and on April 14, police discovered that his DNA matched the evidence in the case.

Clark was arrested on Monday and faces charges of rape, abduction, and forcible sodomy.

Police believe Clark may have other victims.