WINCHESTER, Va. (WDVM) — Parents gathered at the school board building to express their concerns due to the Frederick County Public Schools Board continuing their mask requirement in schools.

Frederick County Public School Board recently held a special board meeting to discuss continuing their mask requirement in schools. Many parents and teachers voiced how they were either for or against masks during the meeting.

At the end of the meeting, the board did decide to continue the mask requirements in school. However, this decision, in return, resulted in many parents being disappointed, and with the mask requirement staying in effect, parents and even some school board members still wanted their voice to be heard.

“All the citizens are out here in solidarity to advocate for parental choice whether to wear a mask or not, and nobody’s out here that are anti maskers or anything like that,” School Board Member Miles Atkins explained. “We just don’t believe that we shouldn’t have a choice in wearing the mask or not wearing a mask. This is not only the opinion of the people here but a lot of the students, staff and parents that are out there.”

Parents who attended called for more transparency among the board and to honor governor Younkin’s executive order.

“I’m here today because my nine-year-old fourth grader has been asking for two years why we have to continue wearing these masks in school, and It’s just preposterous,” parent Priscilla Riddell-Bellido explained. “I’m sick of it and I don’t co-parent Frederick County public schools or any government entity. I make my child’s health choices and I have since the day he was born, and that’s the way it’s got to be.”

The mask requirement will be staying in effect in Frederick County public schools for all staff and students.