FAIRFAX COUNTY- Va. (WDVM) — Wednesday night, Dr. Scott Braband, superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools, held a virtual town hall to address questions and concerns about the dynamic of the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

A major point addressed detailed how IEP students will not be penalized for starting class late or taking breaks when necessary.

 “The case manager then sharing with those teachers the unique needs. Our teachers know the IEP, know the flexibility and accommodation that kids need. We’re not going to be marking kids down academically because of them not being at the class right on time or having to excuse themselves for a few minutes, or even having to miss a class or two” said Dr. Braband.

A case manager will be assigned to each student providing them with a recording of the class they can watch later. The meeting detailed many ways FCPS is working to accommodate students and parents. Allowing students to be comfortable and take breaks as they need them is a main priority for FCPS to make sure students are successful.

Another main point FCPS is working on is keeping students active throughout the virtual learning day. They said they’re aware of screen time and want to keep students active and moving, even from a distance.

Dr. Braband said he is trying to get their most vulnerable students back in small cohorts as soon as possible. He will provide an update in the beginning of September.