What started as a church mission to give back has transformed over the years into a community project.

For the past 10 years the “Clothing and Stuff give-a-way” has provided clothing, household, and baby items to anyone who needs them. Now organizers are setting up at the Clarke County Fairgrounds to welcome.

Donations from Monday through Friday…and shopping starts Saturday. “Shoppers” will be able to browse the fairgrounds, which will be set up like a store, take as many items as they need… But won’t have to open their wallets. 

“It’s just a great way to help out, and everybody wants to have a part in it, whether their just donating, or volunteering and the people that come, people that come are in dyer strains and the next year they just insist that they need to come and help volunteer because how much it meant to them.”  coordinator Debbie Mason says.

Any items not taken will be donated to area organizations such as CCAP.