WASHINGTON (WDVM) — Senator Tim Kaine is praising the U.S. senate for passing a bipartisan bill to fund Virginia priorities.

On a bipartisan 84 to 9 vote, the senate approved the fiscal year 2020 appropriations package that covers funding for transportation, housing, and urban development. Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine pushed for many Virginia priorities through the appropriations process to make sure there are no gaps in funding that could cause a government shutdown. The bill supports funding for resources to cleanup the Chesapeake Bay, investments to the metro system to improve daily commutes, and funding for infrastructure.

“A kind of infrastructure that is increasingly important is broadband. We know that if rural America is not connected with broadband or high quality telecom then rural America is left out and too much of Virginia and too much of rural American still doesn’t have the kind of tel-connectivity they need,” Kaine said.

The bill also provides $16.5 million in new funding to implement a hemp production program.