ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WDVM) — About one hundred protesters gathered and marched to Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s home on Monday, May 9. The group was rallying around abortion rights.

The protest comes one week after a draft decision was leaked regarding Roe v. Wade. Justice Alito is the second Justice who has had protesters rally at their house. While marching, the group chanted, “Pro-life is a lie! You don’t care if people die!”

The group marched for ten minutes to the home, chanting all the way. “Our bodies, our lives! Our right to decide” rang through the street.

Criticism over rallying at a Justice’s home did not deter the group. Kelly, one abortion rights activist who declined to give her last name, said, “If you’re going to say this is too much, please keep that same energy to the people who are getting harassed, the clinics who are getting attacked and the people who are just trying to live their lives without having a child they do not want.”

The goal of the rally was to make sure Roe v. Wade is not overturned and to call on lawmakers in Congress to see the outrage and take action. Laura, another abortion rights activist who declined to give her last name, said, “As we speak, states are not only drafting and filing band on abortion but also legislation on criminalizing IVF, miscarriages’, gender-affirming care and you better believe S.C.O.T.U.S. is coming for marriage equality and public education next.”