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ARLINGTON, V.a (WDVM) — The Village at Shirlington may be seeing a major change in the upcoming months.

Federal Realty Trust, the developer behind the area, has applied for a commercial lifestyle permit. If approved by the Virginia Alcoholic Beverage Control, visitors will be able to consume beverages within the vicinity.

 “The alcoholic beverages must be purchased from a retail license establishment located within the confines of the commercial lifestyle center” said Barbara Storm, Special Agent in Charge Virginia ABC Bureau of Law Enforcement.

All alcoholic beverages will need to be in plastic or paper cups with the logo of the restaurant or bar clearly visible.

One local store owner said this change will not only benefit his business, but also the area as a whole.

“I think it’ll be great, I’ve lived in Europe, lived in London, traveled to Barcelona and many other cities. People have their drinks and walk about. I think it’s fine, I think it’s wonderful” said Charlie Majdi, owner of One Two Kangaroo.

The developing company also applied for a permit in Pentagon Row, if accepted, these will be the only areas in Arlington to allow drinking on the go.

Virginia ABC will determine if the neighborhoods meet qualifications for the permit.

“The office of directors of the retail market association will be properly vetted and investigated. Once the license is issued, it can be renewed yearly” said Storm.  

Currently the permit is being reviewed by the Virginia ABC.

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