It was a packed auditorium as many came to witness the first ever Lion Tank competition in Penn State Mont Alto’s history. Chancellor Francis Achampong says the event is geared at helping local entrepreneurs. 

“It’s not easy to get started as entrepreneur, you may have a great idea, but you don’t know where to start, you don’t know how to protect your idea,” said Achampong.

Each contestant had five minutes to pitch their idea in front of a panel of judges. And once they were done with their presentation they answered questions. First up for the night was Kirsten Hubbard.  

“I know it’s a competition, but this is really about entrepreneurs coming together, and it’s about Franklin County welcoming entrepreneurs, and we think differently, that’s why we’re entrepreneurs,” said Hubbard.  

Hubbard’s company Ghost Writer aims to help non-profits with fundraising and developing. 

“We created a business model that helps non profits find exactly those services that will help them grow at an affordable rate with a great ROIand it’s fluid and adaptable,” said Hubbard.  

The second contestant of the night Kyle Snowberger pitched his idea about high altitude air launch orbital delivery.  

“Just being up on that podium and hearing an audience applaud my idea and they tell me that it’s great that i’m being audacious and i’m dreaming big that feels great because it’s overwhelming odds that i can’t overcome,” said Snowberger. 

Snowberger says the feedback he received from the judges was welcomed and encouraging. 

“They were all like bank leaders in the area, and senior vice presidents, so for me as an engineer, it really helped me get my head out of the weeds and see what I need to focus on as an entrepreneur,” said Snowberger. 

Kirsten Hubbard was the first place winner earning a $1,500 grant,  while Kyle Snowberger received second place earning a $1,000 grant.