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As Washington D.C. opened its doors after limitations were restricted, the Pride-filled weekend was extra packed and making up for lost time during COVID19. What D.C. wasn’t expecting was outrage and violence sparking at local, popular LGBTQ+ bar, Nellie’s Sports Bar. As video footage taken by bystanders that evening depicts a black woman being dragged down the steps by her hair.

Here is a timeline of the events that followed:

Saturday June 12:

Video footage shows Keisha Young being dragged down the steps of Nellie’s Sports Bar by her hair and arm as security and bystanders are pummeling at each other. The viral video took off, appearing on local DMV social media posts, like @washingtonionprobs.

Sunday June 13:

Protests sparked outside of Nellie’s with people packing the streets full. Hashtags like #JusticeforKeisha and #DCProtests went viral. Young said she had nothing to do with what sparked the incident, which was related to someone bringing in a bottle inside the establishment. Young believes she was mistaken for someone else by the security. When asked what she wants from the establishment, Young says, “I want them gone.”

Monday June 14:

Nellie’s management took action after the altercation and terminated the independent security vendor that was hired in addition during Pride Week.

Tuesday June 15:

Additional video footage had been released showing moment leading up to Young getting dragged by her hair. A GoFundMe has been set up by Young to pay for medical and legal fees. Young’s family is pursuing a lawsuit against Nellie’s Sports Bar.

Wednesday June 16:

In response to the newly released video, Young’s attorney gave this statement defending his client & calling on Nellie’s Sports Bar to release security footage after cell phone video shows her throwing punches at a security guard.

 “Just as one can defend one’s self, the law allows one to defend others that are in imminent danger of bodily harm. The actions of Nellie’s staff were not justified,” Burrell added. “Any ambiguity concerning what happened that night can be dispelled by Nellie’s releasing the video surveillance.”

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