Two students from Mercersburg Academy helped create the very first film festival to hit the town. The festival took place at Star Theatre where people from all around the world made a submission.
Maddie Kennedy and Casey Nguyen teamed up to help create this platform for other film makers.
Not everyone who participated had access to the latest film making gear and equipment. Organizers say some movies submitted were created using just a cell phone. Maddie and Casey explain their purpose for creating the festival.
“Part of our core values for this festival is encouraging people to make movies, despite whatever the gear or their experience they have, its important to have a space and have an event like this so we can thrive with eachother” said, Casey Nguyen, a filmmaker.
Maddie Kennedy, another filmmaker says, 
“Its definitely inspiring to see around us everywhere there is people creating  and working hard and making films  and showing their creativity and having the courage to show their work so that’s really exciting”.
The dynamic duo says they will keep working hard to keep doing this festival every year. 
The students say they will work to have this festival every year.