Even though it’s been 10 years since Nick Adenhart’s passing, many with the Williamsport baseball community still remember him.

“Growing up around here, I always knew Nick’s name. I mean I was able to watch him. I was really young when my cousin played with him in high school, so just being able to be around that as much as I could be, was pretty awesome,” said Justin Taylor, a Williamsport varsity baseball player.
Adenhart was tragically killed 10-years-ago in a drunk driving accident in California, after pitching six scoreless innings against the Oakland Athletics. Many people remember Adenhart’s dominance as a pitcher. 

“He attracted people from all around the world to come watch him pitch, all the radar guns back here. All the scouts, it was pretty electric and pretty fun I heard,” said Corey Walters, a Williamsport varsity baseball player. 
“I remember coming to watching him when I was like 13-years-old. I remember all the radar guns behind home plate. I mean it’s probably the biggest thing that’s come through Williamsport as an athlete. I’m very thankful to have him in my memories,” said A.J. Jamison, head baseball coach.
The school has done its part to keep Adenhart’s legacy alive. In the gym you’ll see the his Los Angeles number 34, while outside the field, you’ll see his number 11, the number he wore at Williamsport. Every year, there is a Nick Adenhart Baseball Camp held for the community. 

“I grew up being a part of them. And I was able to be a counselor for the past three. It’s been pretty awesome how we keep his name alive and keep it going throughout the community, even the kids that don’t know about Nick,” said Taylor.